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Why Should You Take This Program?

Over the years, I have enjoyed speaking with so many people from all walks of life. There was one common thread among them all – they just didn’t understand personal finances. Many of them knew about RSP’s and TFSA’s but didn’t know how they actually worked or the impact they can have on their personal financial plans. So I got to work and created this program.

The Personal Financial Planning – Step by Step program is an educational and interactive online program that will guide you to a better understanding of personal finances. You will learn about the many moving parts of a financial plan, do some exercises, self-reflection and a few quizzes just to keep it fun. When finished, you will feel more confident and capable of making informed decisions when working with your financial advisors.

To get started, click on the link below and purchase the Personal Financial Planning Step by Step program for $39.95, giving you 3 months access. If you need more time, you can purchase the program again and continue from where you left off.

~Tina McLeod~

Program Modules

The Personal Financial Planning – Step by Step program contains the following modules:

  • Goal Setting
  • Creating a Budget
  • Understanding Debt
  • Managing Your Debt
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investments, Savings Plans & Income Taxes
  • Risk Management
  • Tips and More

The knowledge and tools offered will help you make informed decisions at any stage of life.

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Skills You Will Learn

  • Goal setting
  • Debt Management
  • Investments and Savings Techniques
  • Insurance and Estate Planning
  • Peace of mind
  • So much more…

Personal Financial Planning – Step by Step

Take the first step to truly understanding how personal finances work and meet all your financial goals.
Register for the program:

  • This program was designed to help you gain a better understanding of personal finances in general terms

  • Any decisions to develop and/or change any financial plans should be discussed with a licensed financial planner/advisor, Insurance agent, Estate planner and/or lawyer before making any decisions or changes

  • This program will not make you a financial planner

  • This program does not offer any specific individual financial advise

  • Your Money Your Plan does not sell any financial products

  • Your Money Your Plan is not responsible for any financial decisions made by you or your advisor

  • All calculations are for illustration purposes only. You should use your own calculations based on your finances for more accurate results