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Understanding personal finances is essential to reaching your financial goals. Your Money Your Plan decided to develop a program that will give you a basic understanding of personal finances. The Personal Financial Planning – Step by Step program will help you:

  • Set realistic financial goals
  • Create and maintain your budget
  • Learn how to manage your debt
  • Understand different savings plans, types of investment income and income taxes
  • Manage Risk, Estate Planning
  • and so much more…

The knowledge and tools offered will help you make informed decisions at any stage of life.

Areas of Focus

Goal Setting

We will get you thinking about your goals. Like when and where you want to retire, buying a house or saving for your child’s education. Without setting goals, how will you know when you’ve reach them?


Building and maintaining a budget is crucial to any financial plan. We will get you to look at your spending, have you make some changes and give you the tools to create and maintain a proper budget so you can reach your goals.

Debt Management

We will help you understand debt, get you focused on accelerating your debt payments and become debt free. You may even see your credit score improve.


What are your retirement plans? Do you plan to travel, fly south for the winter or maybe start a small business? How many years until you retire? How much income will you need to finance your retirement? The Personal Financial Planning: Step-by-step Program will help answer these questions.

Investments / Savings

We will explain the different types of investments and the income they produce. We will look at the different savings plans available like RSP’s, TFSA’s and emergency funds. It’s important to have the right products in the right savings vehicle to maximize your investments.

Risk Management

Insurance and Estate Planning are necessary parts of any financial plan. Insurance provides protection and security for your family, health and property. Estate planning allows you to decide who will raise your children and who will inherit your hard earned possessions.

Personal Financial Planning – Step by Step

Take the first step to truly understanding how personal finances work and meet all your financial goals.
Register for the program:

  • This program was designed to help you gain a better understanding of personal finances in general terms

  • Any decisions to develop and/or change any financial plans should be discussed with a licensed financial planner/advisor, Insurance agent, Estate planner and/or lawyer before making any decisions or changes

  • This program will not make you a financial planner

  • This program does not offer any specific individual financial advise

  • Your Money Your Plan does not sell any financial products

  • Your Money Your Plan is not responsible for any financial decisions made by you or your advisor

  • All calculations are for illustration purposes only. You should use your own calculations based on your finances for more accurate results